Introduction to Modern Calligraphy

Designed for complete beginners. This is fun and relaxed 2 hour LIVE workshop will equip you with all the basics to get you started on your Modern Calligraphy journey. You’ll be provided with all the kit you need and guided through the fundamentals of modern calligraphy with an expert. You’ll be sent a link to join a video call hosted by an experienced  calligrapher who will talk you through everything step by step, giving live demos and feedback.

What’s in the kit:

• A straight natural wood pen holder
• A shorthand nib
• A pot of homemade iron gall ink
• A guide sheet
• Worksheets
• Plain layout paper

What you’ll learn:

• Understand the kit
• How to prepare your nib and assemble your pen
• Learn the basic strokes
• Understand the techniques to create good and consistent calligraphy.

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